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Trade name G-NAME
Address 4-7,Nishikicho,Warabishi,Saitama,Japan
E-mail gname.creation@gmail.com

Corporate namingdevelopment (renewal, merger, foundation, etc.)
Brand naming development (product, facility, store, etc.)

Development &Proposal

We are the specialists of development and proposal for commercial naming,
such as corporate and product names. Considering the concept and the client's
requests, we develop names that will reinforce the subject's competitiveadvantages
in the developing market.


We have the responsibilities to handle our clients' unpublished strategies and
information and to provide unconfirmed trademarks and trade names.
We assure the management of our clients' documents and data and the security
of all confidential matters


As naming specialists, we analyze each concept and its market and develop
order-made names with our method that is proven by many other successful cases.

Enhanced Research

Even if excellent names were developed, it defeats the point if they could notbe
actually used. We conduct researches on existing trademarks, trade names
and competitors and confirmation with negative check, that allow us to providenames
that are only highly safe to be used at the point of proposal.

 C O N T E N T S

 プロフィール ■納 入 実 績 ■お 問 合 せ ■会社名ネーミング(社名研究) ■ブランド名・商品名ネーミング

NAMING CREATOR・G-NAME [商業用ネーミング開発専門]


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